Stop Silvio at all costs

2 Jan

I have had a long standing interest in Italian politics for well over 20 years. It was initially sparked earlier than that , when the Bulgarian dissident got umbrella tapped ..I know he wasn’t italian but the link was made and I was intrigued. Plus when I found out the currency traded in millions for a loaf of bread that seemed much cooler than a green note with a queens head on it .

Anyway a dissertation on Gramsci lots of Negri, Croce et al and an inter Milan shirt later ( early 90s collared version ) I’ve maintained an interest in Italian politics.

In just over 7 weeks time Italians go to the polls , they don’t do it as often as they used to but ill be watching them closely. Why ? Mainly because Silvio Berlusconi is trying to make a comeback , and he must be stopped. He’s worse than many imagine. He’s not just an old joker, someone whose slightly out of step or a bit “un pc ” he’s a dangerous man to lead a g8 country now or ever. A man who ran the countries economy in a worse state than any other bar Zimbabwe and Libya .

Why ? Well that could fill a book, and has done. But here’s 5 and a half reasons why he should never return ..
1. A court found him guilty of fraud. He’s a convicted tax fraudster…nice leadership in the current climate. When your found guilty of fraud you really shouldn’t look for people’s trust. It’s not one charge either. The economist ran an article in 2001 covering 10 charges and why he was not fit to govern. He sued and lost !

2. He’s a racist. No other way around it. His comments to an African in a refugee camp about his sun tan are off the page. He also claimed the Chinese boiled children for fertiliser.Seriously.

3. If he doesn’t like the rules he changes them. Many of his laws were passed unconstitutionally. he has passed several laws to run rail-shot over judicial process. Not a comfortable feeling. Some of these changes have been to his personal benefit.

4. In 2009 he told people displaced from an earthquake to enjoy homelessness as though it were a camping holiday. Carry on Berlusconi …

5. He has used his tv monopoly to fry Italy’s social and political culture. The media empire is as much of a shark as news international. He has blurred the lines between politics and the media more than any other western democracy.

The half reason ..well he owns AC Milan , and anyone knows inter are much cooler..!

Without any real analysis of his political agenda or even touching on the sexual scandals and misogyny Silvio is not trustworthy. If he loses this election then at his age it must surely all be over …the alternative I can’t contemplate .


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