Who is Mario Monti ?

17 Jan

It seems likely that the Italian election will deliver Mario Monti the position of deal breaker. He’s an enigma in modern politics but perhaps less so in Italian politics. A personality less personality cult. A senator for life standing for election. Standing to reverse tax increases he imposed. A reserved man who seems the opposite of his vain rival Silvio ..yet he puts his name on his party. He’s led the country through a turbulent twelve months , but seems unlikely to be remembered for it.

Monti seems to be running as incumbent leader but as a change candidate. This can only make sense in Italian politics.And weirdly it does. His premiership was on the back foot dealing with Italy’s financial crisis. They have averted a Greek style collapse , but still have one all the same.

Monti served his time in the EU as a commissioner and was previously an economist. Time is even calling him the worlds most important ex economics professor. I don’t know how you could validate that judgement.

At 69 he can’t be seen has having a long future in politics. In many ways his greatest political moment has passed , ensuring that Italy remained liquid in the bond market. He may well end up finance minister in the next government , and he’s likely to be orthodox if he does.

In many ways Monti is the normal guy , the man in the street. In Italian politics that makes him something of an outrider.


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