Beppe Grillo !?!

23 Jan

Beppe Grillo , if he was a fictional character you wouldn’t believe it. If he arose in any other country he’d be on Friday night TV , but never a politician with a serious amount of support. Beppe Grillo in some ways symbolises the lack of real political discourse in Italy in 2013.

Grillo was an accountant who turned comedian ..too many jokes to overload in that one . Remember Carmans quote about Ken Dodd. Anyway he rose through the TV ranks and had his own evening show Grillometro…I imagine this to be like Russ Abbots funhouse , then he started doing politics jokes , and making digs at politicians with their noses in the trough. He got lucky by calling Craxi a thief , and it turned out he was. It turned Grillo into someone to listen to ( so were well away from the Russ Abbot analogy now ).

In 2007 he started his Fuck off day celebrations. Now there’s not a great amount of discussion needed about these, it’s a simple concept a big urgh at the establishment.

It’s hard to know what he believes or stands for, or what if anything that he says is to be taken seriously. He says no one should be elected if they have a criminal conviction , yet he has one himself. For the not insignificant charge of manslaughter . He’s been gaining votes in local elections yet has little to say on the big issue. He has a strong ecological bent , but owns a sports car and a motor yacht. He’s caught the imagination of many with his Internet campaigning tools , though he used to end his TV show by smashing up a computer. Confused ?

As anti politicians go , he’s entertaining. But when Anti politicians start to pick up votes they need to be more than just a personality cult or entertainment. His party are hovering around 11%, imagine if Russ Abbott could manage that !


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