Ill Miss Mario ..I will

30 Jan

I am genuinely sad that Mario, Super Mario is leaving Man City. In many ways he feels like a perfect embodiment of the club in its current phase. This isn’t meant in a sarcastic way at all.

At times he has summed the club up perfectly, unpredictable , flashy, confident and bonkers all at the same time.

Of course his greatest contribution to the club has been hats. Not just the five fingered chicken thing but snoods, bobble hats , chuyos , everything really. Oh and T-shirts, those with funny sayings like “Benny hill I love you ” as he slapped David Silva’s head , or the one where he told Rafael he loved her , I think that was before he took legal action to prove her child wasn’t his , perhaps he missed a trick there ” Rafael I don’t believe you but if you take a blood test ill consider it ” is maybe a bit too much for a t-shirt against Aston Villa.

I don’t remember a player who has been so divisive at the club. There have been legends and those players people loved, even those that weren’t that good but had cult status. And there have been those players no one liked. But Mario is the first to be all three, often at the same time to the same people – Hobbes it appears was right . (In case your wondering think _ Colin Bell , Imre Veradi and Steve Daley). He owns a camouflage car and has been on the front of Time magazine. He is a star , there is no doubt. Occasionally he’s played football and he’s not bad to be honest.

Oh he’s allergic to grass , not the football grass, or the smoking stuff but the other stuff. So alas a trip to our place is out as we’ve got oodles of it .

It probably would have been more fitting for him to have left last summer, his last kick being the pass that set up the goal that won the championship. That is a fitting end, not having a punch up with your boss. But this is Mario he’s different. Incidentally when did passing a football to set up a goal become known as an assist ?

But hell always be remembered as an ubercool penalty taker. There’s a guy plays for another Manchester team who just runs up really fast and hits it like a train about to crash …not Mario. Plus he might even do a nic nic with his hands to celebrate which is funny if nothing else .


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