More strange journalism

24 Feb

From the GUardian website , more strange journalism on the Italian election.

First Lizzy Davies renminds us the ” contest watched closely by the markets ” i presume she doesnt mkean the fruit and veg stall holders or the fish market. Why do Journos keep trotting out this rubbish without explaining why the bond market may react to particular outcomes …

THen the standard Italian election 101 ” send the country into a period of political stalemate ” yes that old standard.

John Hooper also on the guardian..
” The result will be a thats enough ” , this based on Grillo maybe getting 16% of the vote , remember that as he then said ” Talk of M5S overhauling the centre left PD ” talk of a party with significantly less support being bigger than another. Well there may be talk but its not by statisticians is it ? Theres a lot of talk about building a ship out of old bits of wood at my house …doesnt mean it has any sense to it . Just strange journalism .


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