Chris Tavare appreciation.

28 Feb

The name Chris Tavare will never strike terror through the minds of bowlers in the way Viv Richards or Brian Lara ever did, however there has been an unfairness to him over the years. Tavare is seen as a dull , slow or even boring cricketer. Now firstly I take issue with the concept of a dull or boring cricketer. Secondly his reputation appears both unfair and to miss importantly the context in which he played for England.
Cricket in the age of 20/20 should recall that life is not all chocolate cake , there is a need for an appreciation of bread and butter. Tavare ( can we call him Tav or The Tav or The TAvman or even Tavmeister ?) would never receive $500,000 in an IPL auction. Im sure he wouldnt want to. Though he was undervalued as a test cricketer as much a product of the english set up in the 80s than his own attributes.

However here he is making an absolute cock up of a straight forward delivery …

His test career lasted 9 years but most of it was in a 4 year period. In 31 mathces he played at 1,2,3 and 4 when the team seemed devoid of any ideas what its top 5 looked like. between 82 and 84 he operated mainly as an opener , not his natural position. He did manage either a 50 or 100 in 25% of his innings and averaged 32.5

Heres an interesting fact , his contribution to the Manchester test of 81 was 147 runs. England won by 103 runs. You can keep your 118 off 102 balls , it was ” The Tav ” wot won it.
Something else to remember , he was the only success on the dreadful tour of India that followed. 149 off 303 balls. Thats pretty impressive.

In 33 innings as an opener his partner changed 10 times. How is that for selection rotation.


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