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How the Papal Election really works

5 Mar

Well all eyes will be on the Papal election. Interestingly I heard a guy from paddy power the bookmaker saying the odds on Dougal McGuire being Pope were shorter than those for Bono. Now I’m not beng judgemental but how can a fictional character have a greater chance than a living person..but them I’m no betting expert.

Anyway there are some interesting rules around the Papal election. In particular if any votes cause a tie then this deadlock can be resolved using one of the breakytie methods first used in the 13 th century.

The most common tiebreaker is simply for the two candidates to stay in the Vatican until one dies , thus resolving the election. The loser gets instant sainthood , though the winner often has to wait years for the prize !

A less common method is a catholic version of paper , scissors , rock , it’s ring , cataclysm, papal rock. Tricky to sometimes make out the hand signals. One papacy in particular is claimed to be based on a misunderstanding of how the rock smashed the ring !

One method not used since the 14th century is the candidates have to prove that they are close to god by singing the songs from Jesus christ superstar. You see the route to the papacy is not easy.

The final method is a round of Paisley darts. A giant dart board with a picture of ian paisley on it is brought into the room and the popes play down from 666 each.

It couldnt be worse than this could it ..


Why Italys big change might just be more of the same ..??

4 Mar

grillo-berlusconi_2497862cWhere does Grillo and his Five Star Movement go ?
So far he has been clear they wont take or support a side and now that they might want the Lire back. Its hard to see that one being possible without a referendum. And it seems he didnt really say that anyway but added Maybe and Might to it – see Grillos a proper politician now.

Its a bind for Grillo – your a succesful anti – establishment politician you get a substantial vote and you really are then stuffed. The torture of it all. Hes inside the system now whether he likes it or not – Oh how Gramsci would have loved this one , by taking the votes and doing nothing he is actually propping up the status quo. The old boys will continue with the dominant hegemony of Italian politics.

And as above the President may appoint another technocratic Government , to handle the crisis you understand . The crisis that democracy gave it. And if thats a conundrum how about the split in the Five Star Movement …some members are campaigning for them to support the left bloc. Is this as good as it gets ? Who knows …but when the economist magazine mock you , you must be doing something right !