Animal Cricket X1

6 Apr

Seriously interesting how the mind wanders when you’ve got important tasks to do and a 1982 wisden on the desk …cricketers named like animals

No natural openers , surprisingly but some interesting characters

Albert “jack’ Russell
Maurice Bird
Andy DU-cat interesting character
Alan Lamb ..a not interesting character
Laurie fish(lock)
Harold Gibbons , in as allrounder at 6
Paul Fish(er) , a specialist keeper , phew !
Charles Studd ( i know ) a missionary who played in the original ashes
Graeme Swann
Tony Pig-gott
Rodney Hogg

the bowlers were far more contemporary than the batters , not sure why and double pig opening bowlers , which if they ran as fast as our kune kune does at the moment would generate great pace


One Response to “Animal Cricket X1”

  1. wrongunatlongon April 7, 2013 at 7:55 am #

    “Robin” Smith? Shaun & Graeme Pollock?


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