Thatcher Music

14 Apr

Ive had strangely few feelings about the death of Thatcher ( no MRS ever required ) ..not because I dont have feelings about what she did but I find the idea of celebrating death very much a religious thing. And I dont do religious things .

I will return to some appraisal of Thatcherism , and let me warn you her phrase ” there were good khmer rouge ” may well be in it …but at the moment I find the fake controversy over songs about her death a waste of time. A waste because there are some great songs about Thatcher/Thatcherism that should have been played instead.

Firstly the Falls Birmingham school of business school. I love this as a sentiment on the 80s. Theres now a world where people choose to be business students. It has become a moral crusade, a purpose in itself to be a business student. While the country doesnt make anything anymore we study what exactly ?

Or how about This is England by the Clash , the last hurrah ( refer my previous post ) a great song about the lost battle as a country resigns itself to being a service centre.

Or for a laugh try Crass and How does it feel …Now I could never take Crass that seriosuly. I liked them , but I doubt they ever did a days work. It was all middle class guilt , gets rather tedious in the end. They can see through what everyone else is too dim to see…but still I liked some of the songs. Lets be clear as with Janet Brown , without Thatcher Crass would have had a much limited career. And without the Falklands a short one at that.


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