Critique of Thatcher vs the spectator

17 Apr

Firstly I want to make the point again that I cant make moral judgements on peoples deaths as that seems like a religious thing to do ..and I dont do religious things .

But i was intrigued that The Spectator brought out its Thatcher special this week. I have sneaky guilty admiration for the spectator , it may be Tory as hell but it also amusing.

Anyway they pull out all the usual gubbins via celebrity writers. First up Cecil Parkinson , I thought he was dead but obviosuly not. For him she dealt with the problems of a declining country and freed millions from the grip of local authority bureaucrats. Well if she dealt with the declining country how come she left it in a mess ? And I suppose one mans freedom from bureaucrats is another mans homelessness.

Charles Powell ( rhymes with hole …I know ) gives a rather dotty if somewhat humane view on her later years.

Hugh Thomas gives me two concerns. Firstly he claims she was preoccupied with the right phrase. Jeez that means she meant to say ” theres no such thing as society ” and ” not all the khmer rouge were bad ” …secondly she was so polite she told a worker to telephone his wife to say he might be late …at 11.30 at night !

Matthew Parris is my one and only favoured tory and I wont mock or belittle anything he ever says .

Peter Carrington seems to have huge difficulty with what happened in foreign affairs during her premiership …but then again thats why he resigned isnt it ?

Andrew Roberts cried when he heard shed resigned. I had the same feeling when I heard Jeffrey Archer was banged up . Crying and laughter I often get them mixed up.

John Simpson says she was the first TV PM completely airbrushing Harold Wilson .

Claire Berlinski sees her as a female warrior many women were in her cabinet again ?

Steve Hilton proves he should be sectioned by saying ” she was steve jobs,richard branson and lady gaga all rolled into one ”

So hyperbole all round from the spectator .

But theres more Ross Clark criticizes those on the left who DIDNT rejoice at her death as though they were repugnant hypocrits. Seriously.

The garland cartoons are as ever wonderful though.


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