Ralph Miliband and the Kaipara Council Elections …

5 Oct

I have been thinking about Ralph Miliband recently. Not because of the vinegar tasting attacks on him by the Daily Mail. Not because of him being judged for half a diary comment when he was 17. Not because of the questioning of his patriotism , when he fought for a country he wasn’t born in whilst others hid their previous support for Fascism. No not even because attacking people who have been dead 20 years to have a dig at their son is low. No none of these reasons. I have actually been thinking about him in the context of the Kaipara Council non elections.

No seriously I have.

Miliband , as I remember , made some interesting and still salient points about Democracy. Points the right seem to ignore. Democracy is about more than just the voting exchange. Often at that point the choice is limited. The agenda set. Democracy requires activism and the ability to create change. Sadly those that hold power within institutions have little reason to have this agenda challenged or set for them and so the game continues.

Kaipara Council had its elections suspended nearly 2 years ago. It won’t go to the polls. No tragedy you might think, perhaps. The next election has been reset for 2015. I have no doubt that by then a new structure will have replaced Northern councils , Kaipara will have had no choice or voice , the agenda completed without even token representation. Something more than the functional relation between ticks on a paper and ballot day is required for Milliband and Democracy in the Kaipara.


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