18 Oct

In the mid 90s I attended an interview at the University of Manchester for a PHD place. I was waiting outside the room of one of the academics who was having a very heated debate on the telephone. This academic ( I wont name him ) was clearly losing the argument, which was about of all things football. I was kept waiting while two Academics debated football. At the time I felt confused , and it probably showed. The winning academic was Norman Geras, who at that stage I knew only for the article about Marx and Justice.

However something stuck, and a few years later when he became “Normblog” my interest picked up again. He had a wide range of interests , a generally engaging manner , would happily converse with you ( even when he had no need to ) and was entertaining in his thoughts. It became , as one other commentator has observed , a process of ” what would norm say about xx” from royal births to Thatchers death, Anything Shayne Warne and of course politics.

For me however , it was the book ” The contract of mutual Indifference ” that still moves me. It is a clear train of thought that clearly influenced his thinking on Iraq , to the point where someone today called him a neocon on twitter , seriously !

I am still struck as to why many Marxists seem to be able to articulate about cricket better than others .., why is that ? Im still aiming for it but his cricket books were superb.

No doubt that in the e-world hell be missed but not forgotten.


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