I really don’t care about JFK…

21 Nov

I somehow feel like this should be an apology..but it isn’t.

The news media is celebrating it’s own importance with it’s mass coverage of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death. Now I don’t want to take away from two important issues so ill deal with them first.
1. His death was a global media event   an Olympics of assassination. The tv cameras got it , the newscycle followed through and we will watch zapruda forever.
2. There’s no convincing story that clarifies who did it or why. Spend 5 minutes on the internet and the conspiracies range from the vice-president , the Cubans , the anti Cubans, the Soviets, the CIA, Charlie Chaplin and on and on. The only theory I haven’t seen (yet) is suicide.

Now there’s still interest in the above , I accept that. However here’s my issue. The constant repetition of lines like ,” it changed the American psyche forever “, the idea that nothing was ever the same again , and the feeling that Kennedy was on his way to  achieving a legacy.

None of these are ever validated nor do they have any interest.

Firstly it didn’t change the American psyche..whatever that is. America in later years does not view itself or the world in any different way that it did in October 1963. It continued it’s confused Kennedy approved policy against the Soviets and Latin America and added to his military capacity. The country didn’t act differently nor did it become more security focused. The psyche changing 911 was much more tangible.

Nothing was ever the same again.for the Kennedy’s perhaps, but the country ploughed on , civil society  didn’t reflect anything. Sure it birthed a conspiracy industry but little more , in fact it had a more resounding impact on Cuba than America, settling the Castro regime in forever.

Kennedy left no legacy, in part because his policy was going nowhere. All American presidents are boxed in and achieve nothing. Had he lived and been reelected his second term would have been more like Clinton’s. Likeable, scandalous and pointless. Had he lived America would I’m sure be similar today. His death created the Camelot myth not his life.

So I’m over thinking about him, except for this. The conspiracy takes away the very human factor of what happened. The image of his wife , in blood stained jacket having to watch the vice president be sworn in is inhumane beyond belief.

Goodbye JFK but I don’t really care.


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