More on the chickens

11 Dec

Sadly two of the miracle chicks didn’t prove as lucky as they first seemed. We found one had managed to get into a water trough and drowned which was really sad as she was still only tiny. Then last week there was a raid on the chickens by a hawk and despite the best efforts there was one taken in the raid. So far the hawk hasn’t been back …and hopefully he wont.




This is lightshade with her 2 remaining chicks. This morning they managed to end up in the garage eating bits of chaff of the floor. Luckily I had Che and Luka to help. Luka managed to entice lightshade away with a banana skin ( she was handily eating one ) and then Che grabbed the chicks one at a time. Luckily this was completed before the dog or cats saw they had left the paddocks ! Phew.



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