Herding Sheep

21 Dec

The task seemed simple. We had some sheep that needed shearing and had to put them in the stable ready for the shearer.


It just involved getting them up from the creek , across  a field through 2 gates and into a stable.

Getting them to move seemed easy enough..run at them and they run …and they run together.

Our oldest daughter shook her head…this isn’t going to work.

I held a stick in each hand…why…it might have made me look bigger..or like a tree…but mainly because holding a stick feels like the right thing to do when moving sheep.

It isn’t going to work….

They were running to the gate, quick . I was running as fast as my stick would allow..3 children trying to head them to the gate…suddenly they change approach and run back…argh.

It isn’t going to work….maybe not I say…should I bring the dog…no one finds that helpful.

We have another go. This time our younger daughter extends her arms. I have a feeling this will make all the difference..and it does.

Amazingly they run up and through the gate. We close it, then herd them through the second one. Easy now we are experienced arms out stick holding sheep herders.

Just the stable to get them in. But the sheep have other ideas. They want to jump the fence. Quickly we get in front of them ..turn them and they run to the stable.

I didn’t think we would do it she says. Me neither I agree.

Where’s my stick………..


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