Free range pig

26 Dec


We have found that our animals enjoy a free range existence. Our kunekune pig Addi has always been free to wonder. This proved more difficult in our old house as we didn’t really have fences..or much land. She would often make her way to the neighbouring orchard and devour dropped olives before collapsing and sleeping it off. There was also the time she got grumpy at the choice of food we offered and in a sulk stormed off down the drive. Even pigs have teenage years.

In our current home she has access to all the paddocks and moves around at will.  However it occasionally means she can squeeze herself into next doors paddocks. Pigs do not really understand boundaries.On Christmas day she refused to come back, combination of a horse in the way and selective deafness. Eventually she returned and we thought we should encourage her to stay home with some food. I gave her an apple which she took one chunk from then dropped. As she finished chewing she couldn’t find the rest of the apple which had rolled under her belly. She seemed convinced the chickens had stolen it and started attacking them. I found this quite amusing and whilst trying my best to show her the apple, pig eyesight not being wonderful, had to also shoo chickens away.

She managed to find it and ran off with it in her mouth. I later found her asleep in the stable…so she’s happy being home for now.


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