Middle class dissatisfaction ??!!@@

3 Jan

I have read DJ Taylors biography of Orwell and found it a good read. So I was somewhat intirgued when I saw an article he had written the other day in the Independent on Sunday.



It is titled 1973 the most significant year of the 20th century. Intrigued ? While he dismisses the safety of those who might plump for 1914 or 1939 or 45. He is entitled to his opinion , and certainly there’s no calculus to this. I was wondering what arguments he would employ. Was it focused on the overthrow and assassination of Chiles left wing leader Allende perhaps. No. Did he feel the oil hike and created a fundamental uncertainty in industry that lead to mass unemployment and the rise of the service sector and its mac-jobs. Well kind of. But not really.

No it was this ” The rise of middle class dissatisfaction ” or more precisely his Dads. Now I have some issues with this. Not just the issue of what on earth is that ? Does it mean a general anger at cookery books, coffee pots and futons. Okay my real concerns are Firstly the concept of middle class in the tone he writes would be fundamentally a British/ West European one. Not one which would have impacted much on China , Russia or India ..all with large populations in 1973.  So the tone is slightly over the top. Secondly he sees this as the start of the concept that class was behavioral not economic. But in Britain that’s always been the case. Thirdly he then undermines his argument by saying that 1974 saw more of the same and things really changed in 1979.

The article begins with reference to an Oxford paper. Had I been Taylor’s tutor I would have marked this ” see me “!




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