Camping…kind of..

16 Jan

We decided last weekend to go camping. Not the sort of camping that involves packing a huge car , ensuring you have every known bit of plastic equipment in a roof box and sharing bathrooms. No. The sort of camping that involves putting a tent up somewhere near your house and then spending the next 10 hours walking back to the house to retrieve various items. The sort of camping you read about in great adventure books like Maisy goes camping or Alfie goes camping. You see I have become convinced that all reality is contained in illustrated children’s books , so camping must involve elephants in pyjamas and midnight raids from a pig. But I digress.

We pitched a large tent up in one of our paddocks , found the nearest thing to a flat piece of land and set about it. We also put a small tent next to it for our eldest Son who wanted the executive option.

Main attraction for camping seems to be , apart from the prospect of an overdressed elephant , food. Or rather cooking food. Or rather burning food in a way that seems to add taste to it.


So first up was the fire


add some food ….and wait. Plus some additional help from a camp stove.

Eventually the food was burned to an appropriate standard ( or not ) and demolished.


Sleeping was remarkably comfortable , other than the bent leg thing. But I wont go on about that. Oh and the failure of the elephant to arrive. It rained only slightly , we heard all the amazing birds as the sun rose and even managed to make a decent coffee on the camp stove.

There is something rewarding about the act of camping ,it seems to lighten your spirits, even if you don’t travel to a destination further than your house !


The tent is still up , we have promised ourselves a return visit.


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