Mother Cat

19 Jan


This is Chloe , our Mother Cat. Her kittens are now about 10 weeks old and unlike many other Kittens are still living with her. What has been amazing to watch is how she has continued to parent and nurture them at a stage when in many cases the Kittens have been taken away from Mum and are having to work things out all by themselves.

She continues to feed them whenever and wherever they want it. Sometime this is in strange places , often it seems to be where you are going to walk. But we are all (almost all !) adapting to our own 6th sense to step over them when they feed in doorways, corridors or generally under your feet.

ImageA leisurely doorway feed !

As the Kittens are growing they are exploring more and more and spending more time away from her. She doesnt mind though and keeps a watchful eye over activities. Her range of “meows” get a variety of responses from them , and when she wants them , she gets them to come. Unless they are up a tree.


She takes a very dim view of the Kittens up a tree. A few days ago one got stuck or seemed out of his depth ( or up his branch or whatever the analogy is ). She had been patiently watching without too much alarm , a few hesitant meows. Then she decided enough was enough , raced up the tree grabbed him by the neck and dropped him to the floor. It was painful , hilarious and loving all in a few short seconds.

Her patience with the Kittens is delightful and a thing I am trying to learn from. Like the afternoon they all got stuck behind the bookshelf , in a space she couldn’t fit down and they seemed to forget how they got in. She sat waiting , for hours. Some gentle reassurance and when they finally figured it out she bonded with them a few short licks and they were all safe. She seems to have infinite capacity to tolerate whatever stupidity they seem to inflict, bites , jumps whatever are all taken in her stride.

Its incredible to see the Kittens as a family and we can see them learning so much from their Mother, who is fast becoming the second best Mother in our householdImage !


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