Bagpuss and the common market

8 Feb

I was forced , and there was some resistance , to watch Bagpuss this morning. The one where the Mice find a mill and then use butter beans to make chocolate biscuits…yes that one. It got me thinking. Particularly when you note it was made in April 1974.

The Mice of course aren’t really making chocolate biscuits, they simply pour the beans into a bag and roll a biscuit out , and to make matters worse they keep reusing the same biscuit.

Why do I care. Well there’s something strangely political about it. I know people have commented before about the mice as a metaphor for striking labour, but I am not sure. In fact they seem like a metaphor for the common market ( as it then was ). Something people thought was all an illusion , that tricky thing with its false claims , its biscuit you never taste and its ingenious schemes. And the central characters , the professor is surely Enoch Powell ..all logic and reason. Dismissing the scheme and uncovering the fraud. Bagpuss is Ted Heath , jowly , disinterested, leading by power not charisma. 

When the Professor rumbles the ruse , Heath or Bagpuss I was confused at this point, just yawns and goes to sleep. When he sleeps everyone sleeps. The sleep of course was his calling of the February 74 election.

Maybe I am not getting enough sleep ………



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