11 things I didnt know about the Feb 74 election

14 Feb

Seriously. I am only interested because in recent years the seventies have been merged with Dominic Sandbrooke, all history now moves through him. I have read quite a bit around the Feb 74 election before ( Butler and Kavanagh , Labour memoirs etc ) but from a recent look at the papers from the time here are 11 things I didn’t know

1. BBC staff were told not to be flippant in reports.

2. The Communist Party complained about a TV program ” The perils of Pendragon ” which portrayed Welsh communists robbing a bank to fund their guns. A Conservative MP successfully had a program banned “The other side of the valley ” as it showed his constituencies economic performance as poor.

3.Canvassers in Peterborough found 2 dead pensioners and 1 in a coma ( and no it wasn’t after they spoke to them )

4. The Government gave polling stations an exemption from heating restrictions up to 63 degrees.

5. Harold Wilson filled a Welsh hall with seating for 1,000 and even had 200 waiting outside ! 800 students shouted seig heil at Willie Whitelaw ( perhaps they didn’t see Hogg )

6. Oswlad Mosley called Thorpe ” charming”. Thorpe tried to charm the officials by over paying his deposit.

7.John Fraser ( Lab ) was attacked  by a heckler at a meeting in Brixton and had 2 fingers poked into his eye(left). ” Just before the attack he yelled out in an Irish accent that he wanted to poke my eye out”

8. Labour and Liberal stood against the speaker Selwyn Lloyd claiming the new boundaries caused a rethink.

9. The Liberals wanted to tax inflation.

10. Tony Benn was refused entry to the Wills Tobacco canteen

11. William Williams Wynne standing in Montgomery shire had the slogan ” William Williams Wynne Will Win “



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