What if Renzi is like the Fonz ?

16 Feb

Before i finish writing this , it is likely Italy will have a new Prime Minister. In fact by the time Ive written this you never know there may have been 2. Italian Prime Ministers come and go at an alarming rate. Since 1945 there’s been one about every 18 months.




Matteo Renzi you see. Italy’s most popular politician , supported by a massive 15% of the population. Renzi who was on wheel of fortune ?yes that Renzi, who was Mayor of Florence, yes that Renzi , who is like the Fonz , yes that …what like the Fonz !
You see in the article above the guardian makes light of his comparisons to new labour but is serious about his Fonz image…because he wore a leather jacket with the collar up.
But suppose he is like the Fonz. It will be difficult.

Firstly he needs to surround himself with people half his age , difficult in Italian Politics. Indeed Renzi is more Richey than Fonz in this respect.
Secondly he needs to over extend his financial situation on some poor friends parents. Easy you imagine that’s Germany right ?

But he cant be Fonz unless he holds Cabinet meetings in the toilet ( or his office ) …difficult I would think.

I expect the European elections to be fought on a campaign on electomondus or perhaps treatymondus…

Oh guardian journalist you should have thought of a better analogy.


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