More camping …

18 Feb


It is the unwritten rule of camping that time plus darkness eventually equals some kind of animal escapade.

We decided on another 2 nights out in the tent , mainly to justify all the time spent putting the thing up!

The main attraction , as ever is the fire …


These 2 fire gods knew exactly what they were doing.

There was plenty of fun until the second night. Not long after we had all managed to get to sleep there came a loud ferocious roar. It clearly sounded like an animal in need of an instant feed , perhaps a stray lion from some poorly managed Zoo ?

Bravely I ignored the noise and tried to sleep through it , but the roar fine tuned into a meow and we were now being circled by one of our cats. At this point I realised that banging the tent is pretty futile, in fact it seemed to encourage her. I went outside to see if I could catch her , but she ran away. The bright moon helped me pounce on her ( some witnesses think she came to me but its a fine art ) and I tried to coax her into our eldest sons tent. To no avail.

So a change of tactics. I would assume that she will just leave us alone.

Yay it worked ….for about 10 minutes , or enough time to start to drift off again….


Then it was Meow,Meow MEEEEEOOOOOWWWW. There was nothing else for it , I had to march her across the field and lock her into the house. ( Yes the Cat slept inside and we slept outside !).

Quiet…at last.

Except in the house …I had locked her in with mother cat and the kittens …




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