Was Heaths Government the dodgiest ever ?

27 Feb


Was it ?

Maudling – Home Secretary during bloody Sunday. Director of Poulson architects , a corrupt firm. Lobbied foreign governments on its behalf.
Lampton- Defence Minister. Drug user who was blackmailed by prostitute.
Jellicoe – Lord Privy Seal and Leader of House. Admitted to drug use and prostitute use. One of first ever people caught and fined for drink driving.
Hailsham – Lord Chancellor, once seen as a Nazi appeaser. Called Homosexuality corrupt.
Whitelaw – became Thatchers Home Secretary and introduced military justice for young offenders.
Walker – part of Slater Walker dodgy failed asset strippers.
Joseph – The poor shall not have children. Advocated the managed run down and exit of Liverpool.
Rippon- Monday Club member.
Campbell – ignored evidence to contrary and left an innocent man in prison for murder.
Noble – presided over the last execution under UK law.
Scott- found in gutters of Chelsea. Campaigner against disability rights.
Amery – friend of Walter Walker , 70s madman and coup leader.

And then there was Maples. Outside the Government but still on the benches. Maples should be known as the man who introduced premium bonds and the MOT. But no he will forever be known for corruption. He held 80% of the shares in a road building company when Minister of Transport , responsible for road building. His name came up in the Profumo prostitution ring . He fled to Monaco in 75, with several million in notes. Wanted for Tax fraud by the Inland Revenue and for repairs by the tenants in his slum houses.


One Response to “Was Heaths Government the dodgiest ever ?”

  1. Ollie May 10, 2017 at 11:46 am #

    AFAICT you’ve coeervd all the bases with this answer!

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