9 Mar


We knew it would happen sometime. It was always something that seemed inevitable. Cows. Since I saw the episode of the Good Life where Barbara and Jerry bring a Xmas gift of a Cow , it feels like we have been holding out.

They are really almost always a rescue case, however you look at it. On farms most Cows are lucky to live a few years at best and are either mass produced for milk or meat. These are going to be pets , happy grazers and hopefully Mothers.

We saw these advertised the other day , they are young. Very young. One was 2 weeks the other 4 days. They are not much bigger than a Dog. We had to move quick to get them but once we knew about them felt we had no choice.


They seemed a little lost on the journey home. We managed to get them into a trailer , they mooed loudly whenever we went past other Cows and kept leaning on each other.

When we got then home they didn’t really feel like getting out of the trailer. So they stayed in it for half an hour , door open , just looking at each other. No animal can look as lost as a Cow can.

The Ponies got excited when they saw them , the Calves got excited too. A symphony of mooing.

Then the madness of feeding them. Calves get taken from Mothers to maximize milk going to the dairy. The dairy process that and turn it into milk powder , which gets sold back to people to feed calves. A whole industry exists around the same outcome that could be achieved by leaving them there…but I digress. We were up early this morning ( for us anyway !) to feed them, having heard only the odd moo in the night.


They are cute. They enjoy being scratched , they enjoy lying down with each other. They are happy to give you a rough cow lick. Tonight they were chasing chickens.


They will live for 18 to 25 years, so that’s some commitment we have taken on. They are now called Honey and Willow , Herefords we believe. I am now registered as a Person In Charge of Animals and we are in the farming system. Oh and when they stand on your foot it hurts.


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