Key wants 6 months to build his Adams Family coalition

11 Mar

It seems bizarre that the Prime Minister would announce an election 6 months in advance. Given that the Parliamentary term is 3 years that the last sixth of the term written off. Campaign mode.
The excuse of needing to have the Election early may be valid , but it could still have been called in July. Why have such a long campaign?

For me it seems simple , Key and his team must believe that 6 months of scrutiny will crack Cunliffe and more importantly allow him to shore up his Coalition partners, the Adams Family of New Zealand Politics. Colin Craig and his belief in smacking his daughter. ACT and their belief in sleeping with your brother, and Peter Dunne who may hold these or other beliefs but will defend his right to keep them private. Frankly they are odd. Logically you would have thought a long campaign would be a disaster for those guys. All those questions , all those moon landings . The right block on paper looks more likely to form a coalition.

For Cunliffe he must be hoping that the Conservatives get to 4.99% and Winston continues his sulk. Even then though the chances of forming a minority Government look hard.

The main challenge for Keys Government of all the Adams Family doesn’t look like the formation , its what will happen next. ACT implode every time they get power , the Conservatives may well too !


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