Adventures with a Cyclone

16 Mar

I got a call on the way back home on Friday…

” Hi Dad where are you ? “

” Ill be home in about 40 minutes …how are you ?”

” Cyclone Lucy is coming …we’ve just been looking at the forecast”

There was genuine excitement in his voice . When I got home Che and Luka were both really excited. Che took me through the details and showed me a book which gave useful information and the difference between hurricanes , cyclones etc( no I don’t remember).

When we went out to feed the Calves Luka kept saying ” Oh Lucys coming ” as though it were an expected guest …which it was..should we have been concerned ? I dont know , but they were interested and enthralled.

The wind got up the first evening and there was some rain , though not as much as I expected. But more than the Cat wanted.


I hardly slept , the wind sounded awful. My mind was awake. I had no idea what to expect from a cyclone, would it take roof tiles off ? Would my insurance replace the whole roof if that did happen ( please ) , did I leave things outside I shouldn’t have ( of course ). What was that important thing I was going to do ( still cant remember ) did I pay the phone bill ( not sure …) then it was morning . More wind , little rain and only seconds after the coffee was made ( thanks Helen) …the power went off !

And kept going off and on all day. Tedious at times , humorous at others.

The rain we had had was enough to create mud and the younger children enjoyed rolling around in that until they went in for a bath.



We thought the Calves needed some dry time and brought them into the stables for the evening.
Then as the wind got back up and the rain never really materialised a moment of serious challenge …Che wanted to play Monopoly…which we did …and of course I lost …20140315_163324….because nothing says adventures with a cyclone that never really showed like a board game.


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