The search for political satire

25 Mar

I am on a quest. For the most perfect political joke about the corn law reform. Why ? Well why not.
George Bentinck,Lord Stanley and Robert Peel walk into a bar. Stanley buys a packet of crisps, Bentinck pays for them and Peel looks for maize flavored snacks on account of …
Okay needs some work admittedly and maybe some footnotes. But the point is politicians must have been able to be satirized in the past, when they had principles and character or even lack of principles. Peels beliefs , odd though they were , took him to all sorts of places. How did maize feature in the corn laws ?
I was watching an old episode of spitting image on youtube the other day. What a waste of time. In my mind I had remembered it as an unmissable half hour of biting satire…it wasn’t. It had a couple of politics jokes but mainly it was carry on style pop culture stuff. It ridiculed the media to some extent , but it wasn’t satire. Why not..maybe Thatcher and Major were beyond satire.

The world over there’s been a slow march to a point where satire and reality have cross pollinated.

Bentinck,Peel and Lord Derby walk into a pub. The barman asks them about Irish Education reform …nah

In New Zealand a party that during this Parliament had associate responsibility for Education has a party leader who has no moral issue with incest. Jonathan Swift couldn’t have made that up. At least we knew his eating people thing and the big talking horses were meant to convey another meaning. This guy …Then we have another party leader who is not convinced man went to the moon but is convinced that he can break the law. Yet he hopes to be in Government later this year.

There is no need to satirize when the World looks like this.

Lord Palmerston walks into a commons bar , no real joke here as Irish lords were not part of the House of Lords ..not funny I know …

In Britain there’s the media gushing UKIP. At the last general election they were obsessed with clothing and appearance. A sort of racist Geoff banks.
They wanted to paint trains traditional colours ( are there some new non traditional colours that have been discovered ?), make taxi drivers and theatre goers dress up ( though not sadly in fancy dress ). Imagine getting into a taxi and being able to say to the driver , ” Here I had that Darth Vader driving me last week “. They are pro proper pint glasses and wanted an investigation into discrimination against white people at the BBC…couldn’t make it up.

Colin Craig , Nigel Farage and the Duke of Wellington walk into a pub …everyone else walks out …

My quest continues, satire may have dies in the 1840s. But in the current political climate how am I to know ??


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