Kim Dotcom 2017

29 Mar

Its November 2017 and the Governor General has just asked Kim Dotcom to form his first Internet virtual Government. For many its a surprise that what seemed like a desperate single issue commercial sales proposition for a political party has managed to get this far. Just 3 short years since we laughed at the idea of New Zealanders voting for internet speed.

Of course its not all been plain sailing , the rise of single issue commercialism has caught on. Dotcom had to spend weeks negotiating with the Whittaker’s Chocolate Party. Who eventually decided to merge , create a vote Internet chocolate bar and now provide the opportunity for everyone on broadband to download Whittaker’s chocolate to a mobile device. And there have been casualties.Peter Dunne tried to merge with Dotcom yet he became a casualty after admitting that although he used the Internet he felt it his right to decline to confirm he was still on dial up.

The 2017 election became a closely fought battle. The Internet Party struggled in many rural areas against the hastily arranged Tony s Tyre Service party. The offer of high speed tyres was too much. John Key was late off the blocks and had to settle for selling the National Party to Crafar farms and offering any voter a game of golf with him. The late merger with the newly privatized electrical industry brought some money to the coffers but few votes. And at the same time they lost support to the Fonterra Milk Powder Party( not a euphemism for certain drugs).

So its certainly been unpredictable , the rise of political parties without politics should have been a blessing to John Key , but alas has seen him out of office. The only politician to have remained constant has been old Winston. Now leader of the only opposition left , still unable to answer any straight question and still standing.


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