Changing Time

6 Apr

This morning , or was it last night ? we changed our time back to standard time or away from daylight savings or into post imperial timelight or something stupid. For a family like ours who are not wholly slaves to the clock it’s still annoying. This day and its sister day are the most confusing days of the year. Why do we have to do this ?
We spent the day doing the traditional re checking of the time , confused over the “real” time and the confusing “time to us “. Who invented this nonsense ? I always knew it was something to do with the war but didn’t realise the German’s began it, nor did I realise that George Hudson , a British New Zealander , is credited with inventing it…how do you invent it ? But he did. I also have always blamed farmers but they it appears want to flick into permanent summer time..adjust the clocks for ever.

Not every country does this , so some Calves did not spend the day unsure what was going on with feedtimes..
some countries have never done it and others have kept the saved system ( Britain experimented with this in the late 60s but with the disastrous result of flared trousers and Ted Heath they abandoned it in 1971). In Australia some states do it and others don’t how confusing that must be. Not only that but in Queensland they have a political party set up to advance daylight saving for south-east Queensland …how quaint and pointless at the same time.

Noting makes you feel more like a production widget than the changing of the time. A way to maximise your efficiency to the economy. To be fair to Hudson he just wanted to see more insects after work , but the system remains as a kind of time servitude.
So we reacted in the only way we can …built a fire , cooked on it and forgot all about the time ….



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