Churchill,Dardanelles and my early wake up …

25 Apr

If any question why we died, Tell them,because our fathers lied

I got up at 5.20 this morning as the boys both wanted to attend the dawn parade for ANZAC day.

It looked like this …20140425_055231

The day is one of remembrance , particularly for the Dardanelles campaign. I find it difficult to really understand or articulate because try as I might , I don’t understand the point of the first world war. No matter how many times I hear something about its purpose or the sacrifice , it all seems so depressingly pointless. And the death toll, the slaughter, the waste of life…nothing can balance this out.

Their blind eyes see not your tears flow.Nor honour. It is easy to be dead. Say only this,”they are dead”. Then ask thereto.

Dardanelles was the plan driven by Churchill, it led to the fall of the Liberal Government.It was a unmittigated disaster. It was a strategy with no real plan , only men. The ANZAC element were citizen soldiers. 200 various ships went into the peninsula with a plan to put men ashore on various landing points. With little intelligence or accurate maps the ANZAC boats actually landed in the wrong spot.Sadly for them it was under steep slopes to each side. The conditions,the climate and the waiting Turks made their landing a disaster.

Sneak home and pray you’ll never know the hell where youth and laughter go

By the evening there were 2,000 dead at ANZAC cove alone. In less than 2 weeks that number was 10,000. The ANZACs were overlooked and the constant bombardment led to a production line of injured soldiers going down to be replaced by new landings who needlessly suffered the same. Positions became entrenched and withdrawal inevitable. Sadly it came after a freak storm had drowned further soldiers in the tranches. By January ANZAC cove was empty. Over half a million lives were lost in that brief and pointless campaign.

So down we lay again.I wonder will the world ever saner be

I stopped long ago trying to make sense out of war. We do remember. The gloss of this being about freedom(s) and democracy I am unconvinced of. We can remember the dead and the loss without finding a moral purpose to what happened. The very fact there was no purpose is the message I keep taking away.


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