Moving the Cows

9 May

See there’s only one O in moving , even when it relates to Cows. It’s never mo**ving or any elongated version of that. Just moving.


So we decided to move the Cows onto a larger paddock today. It will give them more room to run around and some real grass. First thing was to walk them up in the halters we have been trying them on. Halters don’t seem to be really well suited to calves. They are getting more content to wear them though.


They actually walked up really easily. Then we let them off…they seemed to get into some confusion on more than one occasion as to whether any of the Ponies just might be Cows. Somehow Cows just seem to want to find more Cows.


They potted around , finding the highest grass and tastiest weeds. They seem to adore thistles.

Then we decided to move the electric tape back ….just to give the Ponies and Calves some extra grass. We had of course not banked on one of them making a dash for it through the tape whilst we were moving it. You don’t need to give him much of a chance ….


…he looks innocent I know , but he took some “convincing ” that he should go back.

The Calves settled easily , they stopped enquiring over the Ponies reasonably quickly. They are doing a fair bit of walking , low-level mooing and occasional grazing !

Mercury’s golden heifer …well Willow actually.


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