The End of Ideology

27 May

Francis Fukuyama was wrong. The end of ideology arrived today…well in New Zealand anyway. Its been a long time coming. Peter Dunne the perma member of Government has for a long time puzzled me. I am unsure he has any ideology and indeed its absence is his calling card. However today it happened . A party that has been perhaps New Zealand most left-wing and working class, a party that has campaigned on really simple yet core issues like free school meals has merged with a party that has been created purely to create economic activity for its “owner” and which has a libertarian free market bent.

I don’t care whether the owner is rich , that’s not the point. The point is that not that long ago he was backing the future leader of ACT. Something has occurred beyond normal politics. These two parties have no ideological common cause. The mana leader claimed it was to bring the internet future to the party, is he sure he understands what that future looks like under Dotcoms vision. The only common cause seems to be a dislike for John Key.

Political parties it seems no longer need beliefs , this merger may be succesful , it may increase the 1 MP they currently have, it may pour millions of dollars at the electorate, it may create all the things Kim Dotcom wants, it may be over by Xmas. Who knows …but more pressing who will now care? The retail consumerism of electoral politics is now complete.


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