Aside 30 May

The Internet Mana love in continued with the announcement of the least possible Internety person to be the Internet Party leader. A party going for the youth vote chose a person no 18-24 year old would have heard of , a person with no e-profile. But this is still post ideological …right ?..A party that is a pure commercial proposition just makes a transaction ..remember when parties elected their leaders …some still do ?? really ..

Anyway there are implications after implications. One really interesting one is that this year the electorate seats may be really interesting , like an old school election. In Tai Tokerau , will Hone actually win , how hard will Labour fight him ? Will Internet Mana manage to put a good candidate in Tamaki Makuara and split the vote, with the resources available the Maori seats could all be tight. And what a frenzy if they stand someone strong against Peter Dunne …he’s got form …as does the PM . No doubt they will target a couple of seats in metro Auckland or with large University bases as well.


But will it matter …it could be they are the biggest loser out of it. Say Internet Mana manage to get 3 seats, will Labour form a coalition with them ? If they need New Zealand First they may just do what Clark used to do to the Greens. Knowing they have nowhere else to go leave them to the side , they can’t lose then and it cushions the blow.

The other big loser is ACT…yes ACT. This deal makes a Conservative-National deal more likely , to ensure the right-wing vote gets shored up. National may abandon Dunne to his fate and ACT just don’t have the numbers to be given a seat, better to consolidate than support them. In which case we may have a revolving door one party in one party out ..


interesting times ….


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