In the fascist toilet …part one ….

5 Jun

I have been thinking about this …for too long perhaps.I think it was the similarities between Newark and Newham , and the use of the words ” people’s army “. UKIP you see, I am not sure they are Fascists but they are now urinating in the Fascist toilet. They leave enough odour for others to know they have been. And the response of others is worrying.

In 1974 the National Front came second in a Bye-election. It was the best result they had and although they didn’t get the media coverage of UKIP it still unsettled the establishment. Yet 5 years later they were no political threat at all. How ? Well a combination of poor organisation , a wake up call to those who despised them and a creeping into their ground by the Conservatives. The final point is worth thinking about. Today as UKIP look for at least a second place , with its nudge wink about Romanians, its anti Lenny Henry hysteria ( he once stood on my foot in a pantomime in Stockport by the way !) and its call for people’s army, mainstream politicians are looking at it as a wake up call ?

Sorry …

As Mann observed in The Dark Side of Democracy Politicians can engage the term ” the people ” for demos ( the mass ) and ethnos ( the common ethnic group ). In UKIP language the people’s army isn’t creating inclusion but creating a group who are not people. Ironically this very language is prevalent in many East European politicians …the countries UKIP don’t like. And somehow rather than closing the door on the toilet , rather than asking them to stop pissing there, Cameron says he understands , Labour politicians talk about people’s concerns about Immigration , as though anyone was an ethnic Englander. Only Tony Blair is left to make some sense of it all …don’t dance to their tune and don’t go all hardline on immigration.

There has been a long build up to this though , headline after headline of crime and fear stories. All blaming some bland scapegoat race. Not you and I you understand , but them. And something needs to be done about them. Prof Hall would have had a field day, its policing the crisis for beginners.

Sadly the Fascist Toilet has been in use before , but today it seems to have a queue.


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