The Coming of the Election ….

18 Jul

Elections are like Birthdays , they inevitably turn up , you have no reason to have not planned or expected them and yet when they are getting close you just wish they would go away. Elections also seem to define the rhythm of mainstream political life. Like some old testament linkages Rowling begat Muldoon begat Lange begat Palmer ( remember him ? ) you get the idea.

Well there’s no going back , the election campaign is going to keep coming. And sitting at the apex of his political powers it seems is Key. Flying high in the polls , his party way above any other, a man who hasn’t had a policy idea since 2008 and that was the national cycleway, a man who seems to have the philosopher’s stone of political success. He does nothing for no one but somehow everyone thinks ” great bloke ” , and so ordinary with his hawai holiday home and 50 million dollar trust fund. Well his main problem is this aint FPP. Key might need a friend or two by September. He might have his own rotten borough in Epsom but is that enough ?


So this is what his MPs have to do , drive around with a picture of themselves on a car. Sure they are never going to have that embarrassing moment when you can’t find your car in the supermarket car park. But they are not likely to escape any crime scene easily. I wasnt sure if the act of leaving this car on a forecourt while buying petrol was classed as electioneering. But anyway this election may be decided on the margins. Although im not convinced. I think KEy and his fanboys will claim victory on election night despite not having a majority and let everyone else catch them up. And there’s plenty chasing..

..on this poster there are parties who look like they are being made up on the spot. Focus ? Does it matter probably not but to paraphrase Rousseau the election is the moment of freedom , everyone wants to be part of the confinement that follows.

And this road trip , I don’t get it


it seems like some awful film plot. These three in a car driving around the provinces convincing us of all things Intermanaish. The leader of the party now believes her ” owner” shouldnt even be here…this leaves for a few awkward silences don’t you think ? And what exactly is the relevance of the cat ? 20140716_142332 The gagged cat is it Dotcom ? Is it the intermana ? Is it us ? You ? Me ? Cats ? Animals in general ??please explain. I don’t like to see cats in this way , its disturbing. To me and the cat, all cats. Is John Key in league with Dogs ? I know Peter Dunne wants to torture them or something for cosmetic experiments , but maybe the Cat would be in favour of that ? Perhaps I am not the target market ?

It s coming , and I don’t want to do predictions but I feel this is Winstons last shot at power. I don’t think he will lead in 2017 so these signs may come down 20140703_125615 or they may go to Dover Samuels ? I don’t care and never have.

There is one guy ecstatic at the moment though 20140711_135808


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