New Zealands Rotten Boroughs

28 Jul

So there we have it …no wait.

Old Sarum , a British parliamentary constituency used to send 2 MPs to Parliament. The problem is no one lived there , they hadnt for several hundred years. The owner of the houses that remained owned the vote for the two MPs. There was only ever one contest ( I think its a long time ago ) and the Refoem Act finally abolished the seat in the 19th century. Rotten boroughs , and pocket boroughs were seen by Conservative elements as providing stability and opportunity for new young MPs.

Oh the irony, that young(ish) New(ish) Conservative(ish) Colin Craig must wish he could get some pocket borough rotten borough love from Mr Key. How he must wish he was seen as valaubale as ACT or United Future. Mr Dunne who has spent the last 3 years becoming discredited still gets the special treatment, Mr Craig does not. Maybe he wasnt nice enough , Maybe Key has stronger views on the moon landing than we thought.

But wait …the real story isnt the dumping of Craig , its the continual carrying of ACT and United Future, providing a 2 seat cushion for Key and shortening his odds for a third time. Now its all over to Winston , Democracies only hope….


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