The Flea that wags the Dog ?

9 Aug

Im not sure what to make of the opening weeks of this Election. Key has set his sail or his gear or his co-ordinates or whatever the metaphor is and is praying for it all to be over. By cutting Colin Craig adrift he is hoping that the Nats vote holds up and his friends come through and he can carry on as he has for the last 6 years. His plan B is to claim a First Past the Post victory from a MMP election and put all the pressure on New Zealand First to deliver. Poor Cunliffe has no such option , he can’t claim victory unless Labour plus Greens Plus Intermana can deliver a majority. In essence Cunliffe is going through the motions , yet those motions will see the Nats drop points and at the moment no policy or Labour antics are getting media coverage , and its beneficial.

Because I can not remember any policy over the first few weeks , sure Colin Craig shouted ” I spy chinese man ” and quickly got bowled by Cunliffe and Winston. But thats not policy.

The story so far has been dominated by three things.

1. A politician bankrolling a party with a moral agenda is unlikely to get anywhere ( shock I know ).
2. A past it Libetarian party seems to be shouting the sort of slogans you would expect on talk back radio.
3. A party being bankrolled by a millionaire ( still ? ) who believes the Prime Minister set him up for extradition to the USA is keen to annoy the same Prime Minister ( double shock )
4. I know I said 3 but just consider how many faces from the past keep getting headlines…just an observation.

Now the Conservatives , bless are not going to get anywhere and with every encounter Craig seems more and more amateur and Keys judgement seems spot on.
ACT a party who will be rocking all expectations if they get 2 seats and Intermana a party who will be performing beyond belief if they get 3 seats are dominating the agenda.Everyones reacting and overreacting to some fairly predictable outbursts…yet its taking all the oxygen.

I dont think i can keep looking ..oh and Sugardaddy is offensive …


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