Paradise Lost as an election guide

28 Aug

..for this week anyway .

Some I have chosen of peculiar grace, elect above the rest, so is my will “

Winston Peters , if he knows one thing its how to mess around with a party list. He did it in 1999 dropping prominent females for no apparent reason. Now hes at it again , a push here , a nudge there a great big shove of the side of the cliff over there. The problem really is that it’s a personality cult inside NZFirst , reminds me of the King and I , no ones head should be above Winstons. Andrew Williams goodbye , you can go and play with Horam and Bloxham.

Stand firm for in his look defiance lours

Collins. How she is still here is anyones guess. Key must be in debt to her. Williamson went for much less. Collins keeps opening her mouth putting both feet, an elbow and a bit of head in …and still keeps going. Her exoneration was one odd claim , the advance to Peters …I shouldnt trust it but oddly it seems tangible. And still Key shrugs and mumbles about the end of the day.

Oh much deceived much failing hapless Eve

poor Pam corkery , getting harangued at the Intermana launch like that , she really should have left it to the professional press secretary …oh is she , shit that’s funny then.

vain glorious and through infamy seeks fame

Peter Dunnes been pushing himself again. He’s all upset about Labour and the Greens and wanting to raise Tax. Peter Dunne was of course Revenue Minister when GST went up. Funny that.

my bowels their repast then bursting forth, afresh with conscious terrors vex me round

out of nowhere Colin Craig’s Conservatives are on the up , well kind of. Its Keys nightmare to have them at 4.6% ..its mine to see them at 5%.

thy judgement to do aught but else free will

seriously the polls though. New Zealand polling tends to be pretty weak. a margin of error of over 3% means Craig’s lift at 4.6 might only be 1 or could be 7.6…similarly is Winston at 3,6 or 10. The Nats seem to get overstated , the methods of polling get slated and yet it’s not a big issue. I would be worried if I used these pollsters to test a product I was taking to market. Just saying..

vacant possession some new trouble raised

in light of the polls I heard key say , extraordinarily in my view , that if he can’t get Winston to the altar hell go to Parliament to force a vote. Might sound manly but it reinforces that he’s acting like its FPP. ( As with Clark version 3 ) he runs a minority Government not a coalition.

erroneous there to wander

Winston obviously wanted to get in on Craig’s patch with his odd talk about Labour and Gays. Very strange. But then most of the talk and discussion is around the 10% of the electorate at most who might swing ( no not like that ) and the rest don’t get a look in.


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