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Cows , and cats but mainly cows

16 Sep


The Cows have recently been free ranging just about anywhere they please. The other day I had an unexpected visit from them at the window about 11.15 at night.This is mainly because Honey has proved to be adapt at working her way out of electric tape but less so at going back.

One of these is on the wrong side !

So at some point it seemed pointless and so long as the gate was closed they would appear here..20140908_093903..or there 20140911_093050
..patiently waiting for a turn on the slide..she waited quite a while to be honest.

Honey has taken it as an opportunity to dominate Padme the Dog…who is less than impressed..
..and sulks off to wait for her turn on the slide…

And cats , well this is Ziggy, recently in her collar. Poor thing we thought she was a he for 9 months until the Vet told us otherwise..


Do Constituencies Matter ?

6 Sep

Of course not.

Okay a little bit more. Since MMP the swings in constituencies have been up and down.
In 1999 there were 10 changes in electorates.9 went to Labour 1 to Greens. 3 were in the Maori seats away from New Zealand First or the old rump. 1999 was of course a change of Government.
In 2002 there were 4 changes , 3 more to Labour 1 to National. In 2005 there were many changes , though not in Government. National picked up 11 electorates, ACT 1 and the Maori Party 3. 15 seats changed hands in all, the most in any MMP election.
2008 saw another change of Government and 10 seats changed hands. National picked up a further 9 and the Maori Party 1. 2011 had 5 changes. Labour gained 3 back ( though 1 was from the Progressives) 1 from National and 1 from the Maori Party. National gained Christchurch central from Labour.

So 2014. Heres a possibility , that less seats will change hands than at any of the previous MMP elections. Could one of the Maori Party seats change hands …possibly, maybe even 2. But do the parties really resource the potential for seats to change hands..probably not. Labour will struggle to take back Auckland central , they should take back christchurch central. Napier ? Hamilton(s)…it doesnt look like it from here. So another bold prediction of minimal seats changing hands , but still an unknown electoral outcome!