Post Post election blog post

5 Oct

..enough posts ..perhaps.

It all over,all counted , the baubles have all been handed out. Everyone’s moved on to looking at the Labour leadership. We have another minority government and we can switch off for another 3 years. I have no idea what national promised to do in that time , and it probably doesn’t matter..they will do what they like with the help of some special friends. Key doesn’t appeal to a big vision he’s a conciliatory politician. He knows what he’s doing , and some believe he knows what your doing …right now on your computer.

So what did I think of this election , the one consigned to history already.

  •  John Roughlan in the Herald is the worst journalist there is. He writes week in week out a kind of cheerleader for John article. I’m sure he had some objectivity sometime in the past.
  • Sorry scratch that. I remember the Mike Hosking articles in the Herald. Is he a  journalist ? Perhaps?? He seems to have turned into the Jeremy Wells parody.
  • Labour ran an awful campaign that didn’t seem to want to get the party vote. This isn’t just hindsight, through the campaign  I was pointing out how few of the billboards reminded people about the party vote. They seemed to want to lose.
  • And why didn’t the parties of the left compromise and have one anti United Future candidate. Dunne could have been toast and that would have been one less seat down ..
  • And a safer ride for Hone , that would have been another 2 seats up for the parties in opposition. Remember that there with no real difference in votes there could have been a different distribution…why don’t these guys talk ? Its MMP after all.
  • Colin Craig just gives bad photo after bad photo after bad photo. In the grass, having a drink with Rankin, his big arms extended, his handshaking his mirror image…Colin stop it.
  • Winston will never be a Minister again..bold I know,but trust me.
  • It shows the lack of policy when Matthew Hooton tearing into Michelle Boag was one of the highlights of the campaign. Who hasn’t wanted to do that …
  • And Duncan Garner , if  we had a president I would nominate him( wouldn’t vote for him though )…he’s a walking political crusade.
  •  The greens did awful. With Labour tanking they should have had a strong show. Perhaps they have become too mainstream? Some of the policy they announced was fairly mainstream(ECE as an example). They have to come to terms with this being the best they can do..and decide what they do with it..
  • Labour ! Maybe they need to split up…hard to see them getting back in 2017.
  • Kim Dotcom his arch enemy John Key …not sure what he stands for.
  • John Key ..its over for key ..isn’t it. The gloss of the guy next door well and truly off. HE looked petulant, tetchy, arrogant..he still won and won well, but were in the same territory Blair was in post-Iraq. Tolerated and supported but no longer liked.

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