The October 74 election..

11 Oct

Was it really 40 years ago? Of course it was , mathematics is simple and I was not aware of the election so I will stop the pretence. October 74 , the clangers election..

but if you want more trivia

  • The Labour party advocated for abolishing the TV licence …how did that work out then ?
  • Ian Paisley , worried about Enoch Powell’s presence in Northern Ireland upped the anti. He accused the Irish Government of being communist guerrillas in a meeting in Belfast ( with Powell ).
  • Not to be outdone Powell called the Conservatives ” like Hitler ” in a further speech.
  • John Duffin a Labour candidate had to have 20 stitches to his head after falling off a ladder while putting up posters in Tavistock. It would never have happened to Clive Dunn.
  • Bread subsidies rose (haha) in the election period to keep half a pence off the price of a loaf.
  • 2256 candidates stood a record.
  • Harold Wilson gave his oddest quote ( at the time anyway before the spider stuff ) when he told David Frost that ” Old hags …I haven’t seen any around for some years now…”
  • Alan Beith won his constituency for the third time in 11 months and each time as an ultra marginal.
  • Ballot boxes on the Holy Island were cut off by the tide , guarded by a policeman overnight and counted the next day. No 3g back then.
  • Dick Taverne lost his seat to Margaret Jackson ( Beckett) and Eddie MIlne and Chris Mayhew 2 other defectors lost.
  • Ladbrokes offered 6-4 on Labour winning the next election , and that it would be in 1975 against Willie Whitelaw’s Conservatives….0 out of 3 aint bad.

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