UKIP a racist string of sausages..or the milosevic-isation of debate.

16 Oct

Its hard to imagine what the rise and role of UKIP would have been like in the world before the  internet. Certainly it makes it much easier to make fun at them. There’s currently a picture going around showing the current MP for Clacton next to the former MP for Clacton and remarking on the new politics. Da Da of course its the same man , the man who stood for the same discredited political party he now says is discredited, presumably by people like him, voted for by the same people.. You can see the problem.

Of course the internet is awash with cleverclogs and pedants who point out this wasn’t really a win for UKIP as the previous MP had joined UKIP and is the same person. Again this can go on a bit..suffice to say UKIP have yet to win an ” open ” contest and even the SDP managed to win 2 of them in the glory days. ( yes I am joking ..not about the number but the glory days). The last party to threaten the current party duopoly were the SDP and they had to make do with newspapers and television. Unless you discount the SNP, who seriously threatened the status quo.

1 or 2 wins who cares. They are not the real issue..are they ? UKIP exist in a bubble , the same bubble Beppe Grillos 5sm exist in. A plague on all your houses , we aren’t the establishment vote for us …but not too much and we can carp but not do anything. Not that I am advocating for the status quo..oh no. But there is a way to stand for change and something new that doesn’t have to be based on the Milosevic-isation of political debate. Your wrong ,you talk funny, your different , we are all living in fear , its all someone elses fault , things used to be great. For Milosevic his enemies were sometimes before the EEC but Farage is aiming there as well. Sick people seem to be the latest target , sick people should go back to sick land. In short they are the party of Jimmy from Reggie Perrin. With his constant fear of traitors and play for today. Or the man in Raymond Briggs book of the same name worried about the DSS and busy bodies.

Who Cares ? Well the Internet does. It cares that UKIP might get 128 seats or maybe 8. It may hold the balance of power or be a sideshow. The confusion rests in which theory you follow . Theory A advocates that they take seats and MPs off Conservatives and threaten to take a few in the general election. Theory B advocates they take white working class left behind voters , ripe for disgruntlement from Labour ( without ever explaining that Labour have never had a great hold over these voters anyway …they were Thatcher’s working class praetorian guard in the 80s..) . Again does it matter …well yes. because its not the number of  MPs they get that is at stake but the impact on seats , the bulk of votes they take off a candidate that lets another in could be crucial. For Conservatives its going to be vote UKIP get Milliband and for Labour we are the only alternative.

The sad thing is UKIP are not in any way constructive or able to rise above punch and judy. They are just the racist string of sausages being pulled at each end!


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