The Media vs Jesse Ryder

19 Nov

I don’t know if Jesse Ryder should play for New Zealand. In part I don’t really care. He’s a great player when he’s on form.

What I find odd is the media bias against him . I still can not clarify it. Is it his weight or his sport.

Here’s a juxtaposition for you.

Ryder drops out of a cricket game because of personal relationship issues. Suddenly he’s mad , lost his chance etc. There’s no sympathy for what seems like a normal reaction to a situation many people face. Wouldn’t you tell a friend to take a day off work ? We cant get enough of John Kirwan talking about depression but he’s a Rugby man.

Sonny Bill the brand that is a man. Goes to the other side of the world and misses his baby being born. Now I have no  personal issue with him. However if someone I knew did this I would feel a little seems an incredibly odd choice to make. The media however cant stop cooing over him and the birth.

So how do we want our men in 21st century NZ…


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