Xmas Spectator 1974

6 Jan

Normally at this time of year I am getting through the Xmas issue of the Spectator. In fact it normally takes me until Easter but early January is when I knock off the more interesting articles…to ease my brain back in. I say normally as this year due to a lack of incoming resources and an over limit credit card I never got one. If the Spectator fairy is listening9or reading) its never too late ?

I did however find the wonderful Spectator archive online. It is a treasure and I hope to spend more time looking. I found the Xmas issue for that gloriously topsy turvy year of 1974. Many commentators keep bringing parallels between 2015 and 1974, so what better way of catching up. Of course it wasn’t a proper Xmas issue , no short stories or bumper quizzes, but a wonderful microcosm of the world it inhabited.

The editorial raises some Christian issues..I quickly glossed it.

The letters are as always outstanding. A rather sarcastic one on school behaviour and a very 1974 letter on Armagh’s position in Northern Ireland as a self governing area with no self government.

Patrick Cosgrove longs for a revival in the oppositions fortunes and a new leader to ease the depression. There’s a couple of anti common market articles, a strangely dated article ” What should Alistair Burnett do with William Hickeys column in the Daily Express “. The George Gale tells us he is never wrong in predictions and that Wilson will be gone by 78 and will remain above politics during the referendum. Half a point to George I fancy. There’s an article on the rise of female Santa’s, including one in a silver bikini. The article of Deciduous hedges is pure Spectator any era. Then there’s Enoch Powell reviewing William Rees Moggs book or rather reviewing himself in it. Russell Lewis drips pure monetarism onto a page and before you know it its a fool and his money questioning our fascination with Gold rather than Dog Licences ( oops I forgot to pay that this Xmas as well ) and a final page of City Diary which is a very 1974 Spectator attack on that bogeyman Tony Benn.


All in all a wonderful read !





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