More Chicks

20 Jan

It’s not been a great time for the Chicks. The last clutch of eggs ( fathered by Sid the Rooster ) hatched in November. The 4 chicks were very boisterous,for chicks, and were Two blackie / brown ones and Two white. Sadly we lost One early on but the Three chicks stayed close to Mum and we managed to keep them in the hen-house for quite a while.

20150103_193502 20150107_194313

The Three spent a few days out but then sadly another was taken,probably by a hawk so we are now down to Two. Then as they reached around 10 or 11 weeks Mum started to leave them and they have been operating independently of the rest of the flock. They spend the day together scratching and pecking and running away from anything and everything. However what is amazing is that at night they can still be found(just about) under Mums wings, sleeping in the coop.


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