The madness of King John …Key

3 Feb

All political leaders have a two staged existence. Its part of the devilish pact they enter into. There is the stellar positive energetic soaring to the sun stage then the crashing to the floor, flagging and out of breath, negative and tired phase. Phase one where others follow them agree with everything they say and can’t get enough of them , phase 2 where we would rather walk on hot coals than have to listen to them , where rebellion is all around and where we switch off the TV when they come on.  Just how much of each stage you get, and which stage is remembered is all part of the pact.  This devilish leadership pact , in phase 1 you can have your cake and eat it …in phase 2 you vomit the cake up and have to eat it again. Think about it, pick a leader. For an easy start try David Lange. Stellar rise phase until 1987, golden touch, deft one liners, onwards and upwards guy. 1987 to 1989 petulant, angsty, tetchy, lack of control and command, walls crumbling around him. Luckily for him its 50-50 which one we remember. And that is important. Many leaders just get remembered for the phase 2, John Major or Rob Muldoon. It’s hard to remember they ever had a honeymoon phase, but they did. It may have been a wet weekend by a nuclear reactor, but a honeymoon it was. There are always exceptions. Jim Callaghan never really had a phase 1. Gordon Browns lasted a matter of minutes (well a couple of weeks) and Harold Wilson the same. Helen Clarke glided from Phase 1 into phase 2 around 2002. She remained Prime Minister for another 6 years. Bill Clinton probably had 8 years as President in phase 2, he seems to have entered phase 1 later on…Clinton defies a lot of logic. But John Key. Key is now in Phase 2. The ink on his pact with the devil is dry. There’s no going back. Not only has he visibly aged but he is more petulant, arrogant and tetchy. His discourse is different as well. Early Key was conciliatory, never humble but certainly inclusive. Now look at him, there’s something slightly odd about him these days. Of course I am not a fan, but that’s not the real issue here. The issue is that he talks to us in a wholly different way. He has become an 18th century monarch, albeit one elected (kind of). He speaks our minds for us, feels it’s okay to decide on the hoof. Every passing issue seems to reinforce it. Would any other Prime Minister have joked about a child sex offender absconding prison? He wiggled around the OIA stuff, creating a new set of pins then dancing on their heads with no clothes on. And now he wants us to join in his shock that one of his MPs may have been a naughty boy..or worse we don’t know, and apparently he didn’t. However this is the same man who boasted that he knew the identity of a sex offender with name suppression. Oh how madness seems to suit John Key, it’s a pity we have to watch.


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