Northland By Election – week 1

14 Feb

I know its not really started, but it has. So I am going to express my interest in this by election. Lower Northland residents will be going to the polls more than a going to the poll thing this year, with Kaipara elections due as well. The Northland by election has the rumblings of a scandal that goes to the heart of Keys ” issues”. Can you trust the fact that he never seems to be in the room when anything is said ? It seems most of us do believe him..but with each passing Sabin. Labour had a swift candidate selection process this week. Willow Prime, not I discovered a tree variety but a councillor, who stood in the General Election is standing again. I suspect not many people want to spend the next few weeks travelling an enormous electorate on a hiding to nothing. Except perhaps Winston? Of course he wont declare will he, but if he does he would create fun. At present we have Willow Prime and someone from the Cannabis party. I know they are not called that but they should be. By elections under MMP are a strange thing. Potentially they could invert the whole process. If Labour win,then the total seat distribution goes against the Nats as the larger party. If you know what I mean. Who cant recover it from the list.

The general election was a resounding victory for Sabin, he got 52% of the vote and carried 48% of the list. Labour were at 25% and 16% respectively. That’s some mountain this close to the real election. The general election had 9 candidates , I would be surprised if we get more than 5 for the by election but who knows. Oh and when is a by election not a by election ? when the Government gets the writ wrong and has the wrong days on the summons. Silly government, there they go again.


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