Northland By Election Week 3

28 Feb

Week 3. It started with Andrew Little launching Labours campaign. The Greens have decided not to contest the election, it’s a distraction ( code for we know we would take a pasting and have little if any infrastructure in the seat ). Little noted it was an uphill task. Sisyphus raised his eyebrows and offered to swap places.

ACT have been disappointingly quiet. There candidate is a competitive speaker…I was hoping for much more. There’s still time.

National have a candidate. I hope he’s been policed checked, not a chequered policeman. Mark Osborne. A Local Government Manager who lives in the constituency.

So an eventful week. Oh speaking of Labour and Sisyphus. New Zealand First have a candidate. Winston Peters. Peters will make this the most colourful by-election for many years. Maybe the most colourful since MMP. Can Winston win? Highly unlikely. Can he make it competitive and interesting ? He has already. Is Sisyphus hoping for a swap? Probably.

New Zealand First got just over 12% of the party vote last year and haven’t run a candidate since 2005( Jim Peters) who managed 8%.



2 Responses to “Northland By Election Week 3”

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