Average Winning Scores at the Cricket World Cup

2 Mar

Okay , this isn’t scientific but the point of scoring runs is to win matches. I have done a quick (well it took me ages actually) averaging of the winning scores in all matches in each of the previous World Cups. Remember that the first 3 should in theory be 20% higher as they were over 60 overs. 1975 238.93 1979 196.57 1983 239.92 1987 248.55 1992 216.33 1996 236.2 1999 219.95 2003 226.96 2007 241.21 2011 247.83 So perhaps 2015 will continue the trend upwards. Interesting that 1987 has the highest, I would have thought one of the more recent ones, but then there are more associate matches now, who knows.


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